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Hello, and welcome to Enhance Health Coaching  I am Wavaney (Wave) Kettle.

I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, Diabetes Empowerment Education Peer Educator.

Allow me a moment to tell you how Enhance Health Coaching began.

In 2009 my father passed away from Diabetes complications and I was devastated.  It would take me 7 years after his death, to be able to remember him without crying.

 You see, the moment I discovered my father's health was failing, I was worried and terrified. I knew my life would change forever.  But worse, I did not know how to help him immediately after learning he was ill, and felt helpless.   At the time, the doctor gave my father 3 months to live!


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    Three Months?! the words kept swirling in my mind as a recurring storm. To say I was shocked, was putting it lightly.  I was devastated. I could not get the thoughts out of my head; what can I do?, does God still do miracles?, will God he heal my dad? what other options medical options does he have?!  Slowly, I began to regain my sense of calm and then began to do research online and off.  I found out that herbs and holistic was a possibility and after learning all I could, I designed a nutritional plan for my dad.  He agreed to the plan and began taking the herbs and supplements.  Six months later, my father was still around; he had beaten the time the doctor gave him and I was hopeful but he still was not over the worse.

    I  spend as much time with my father as possible, and took time from work to do so.    Soon however, my father's health began deteriorating further, and 9 months later he succumb to his illness and passed away. I later learned that he had stopped his regimen because he did not want to "cause interactions with his doctors recommendations." Even-though I was prepared for his passing, I was devastated.  

    Have you ever lost a loved one?

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    Losing a loved one is the most awful thing imagined, it change my whole life.

    While  going through my grieving, I decided that others may be experiencing the same thing I did.  I also found out that they did not have to.  Holistic Nutrition can functional health can change this.   I did not want any other family to experience the loss of a loved one due to Diabetes.  So, I decided to create ENHANCE HEALTH COACHING to support those who need help with Preventing Diabetes and Reversing Diabetes Complications.

    I specialize in coaching individuals and families, with Pre-diabetes or Diabetes, to normalize blood sugars through development of a healthy lifestyle habits which result in successfully lowering A1C, lower blood pressure, increasing energy and improving health; so that you can have longevity, happiness and health.


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