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         Nurse Wave            RN, BSN, CHC

This is who I am.

Wave Kettle RN, BSN, CCM, CHC, DEEP Peer Educator

Owner: Wave Health LLC DBA 360 Health Coaching

Health Coach for Entrepreneurs.

Inspired by her father’s death from Diabetes Complications, and a passion for teaching and coaching, Nurse Wave assists Entrepreneurs who may need a little help with

  • Stress management
  •  Maintaining their ideal weight
  • and Blood sugar control
  • Overwhelm.

Nurse Wave is 



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Nurse Wave's  journey to health coaching began, when her father became ill from Diabetes Complications.  While doing everything in her power to help him heal, she discovered that medication alone was not enough for health recovery; balance and stress management was key.  She watched as her father slowly got worse, even while following his doctor's advice,...after several long slow months fighting, he passed away.  It was like someone had disintegrated the sun in her world... it was then, she became determined to not only to pursue health, but to obtain it- for herself  and for her loved ones. She discovered that health and happiness was intricately dependent on nutrition, stress reduction, physical activity, mental clarity, and spirituality.

Nurse Wave is...







Described as an intuitive and compassionate coach by her clients, Nurse Wave is a “go-to” resource when it comes to taking action with your health improvement or recovery. She is determined, caring, effective, optimistic and loves to empower her family, friends, and clients in developing everyday healthy living.

She has enjoyed a 23+ year career in Nursing and now enjoys working in her passion; inspiring others to better health through Health Coaching, assisting Entrepreneurs to live better by guiding them in development of self-care habits while pursuing their dreams.

As a Certified Professional Coach and Diabetes Peer Educator, she is dedicated to guiding, educating, and motivating those who need a little help in recovering their health, supporting those who need continual motivation, while they begin their journey to change and improve their health habits.


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