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During the 21-day challenge…

You will get a step-by-step action plan for losing your next 10 lbs in weight even if you've struggled with losing weight all your life in the past.

Prep Day 1:  preparing yourself to lose weight. ( Recipes Process)

Prep Day 2: Preparing your environment for weight loss

Challenge Day 1: Detox your body  without feeling icky 

Challenge Day 2: Replenish your body- your stomach your mood

Challenge Day 3: Rest -Learn the importance of rest in weight loss

Challenge Day 4: Re-Balance- learn about Dysbiosis

Challenge Day 5: Exercise- 15 minute exercise program

Challenge Day 6: How to eat for energy 

Challenge Day 7: Maintain 

****Plus More


 "Oh what a feeling"- Rebecca Smith

"Oh what a feeling"- Rebecca Smith


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"Lose 10 pounds in 21-days without starving yourself" challenge.

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