Yeay! You're in.


7 day Challenge (5).png

You're In

I am so thrilled you'll be joining me for this challenge.

Your Next Steps...

If you haven't already, Join the Healthy Happy Me Facebook Group. 

This is where I am hosting the challenge, so you want to make sure you're a member.

simply click "request to join" at the top of the page and we'll add you to the group.

The challenge starts Monday May 14th, but I will be in touch before then.

For now, I want you to image how great it'll feel when you lose 10 lbs and keep it off.

You're going to feel so much lighter when those pounds are gone,  10 lbs will mean you can get back into the clothes in your closet which you have not worn in years.

and let's be real, it also means you can lose more weight if you need to....

Get ready to go SHOPPING for your new body!

Talk to you soon!

Your Health and Happiness Coach, Nurse Wave!


**P.S.  Have your friends who want to lose some weight also join us!

It's not too late for them to join us.

and when they do, you'll get to have more fun and celebrate together when you all lose weight. How awesome is that!

Click here to share the challenge with them.