killing us softly, the Standard American Diet

Research into nutrition has found, again and again, that a diet that is high in plant-based foods (fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, and whole grains), rather than the Standard American Diet, reduces the risk of the most deadly and disabling illnesses. - Huffington Post.

Today were are recognizing that we have been deceived by advertisement produced by the food industry.  Obesity is at an all time high throughout our nation and it seems no one is immune. The Standard American Diet is killing us and we are seeing the evidence within our health status.  Then number of people with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes are at an all time high 29.3 Million, according to the ADA, and growing.  The sad part about this is most of us are unaware of the problem until we are at the brink of dying.  

How can this health crisis be turned around you ask?  Answer, we have to take back control of our health and recognize that food is medicine and we must eat well to live well.  We need to go back to basics and start eating whole foods instead of fast food, overly processed.  

This is no easy feet however because of the seductiveness and addictiveness of all process foods today.  Research show that sugar is 8 times more addicting than Cocaine.  Manufacturers, armed with this knowledge, has added sugar to almost everything you purchase; check your nutrition facts if you believe this is an exaggeration.  Thus you will find yourself eating more than you intend to of the snacks you love.  You now need to develop some savvy with eating to stay ahead of the curve.

Getting educated on what to eat and how to eat is your best defense.

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