Are you sleeping?... Prediabetes! A wake up call.

Knowing that you have Prediabetes is scary but it does not have to be the end of life as you know it!   There is a silver lining ... Prediabetes is a wake up call. Prediabetes is not Diabetes and with aggressive lifestyle changes which includes weight loss, eating plant based and exercise studies have been shown YOU can reverse Prediabetes. 

Making these needed changes is not easy and it takes time.  If it were easy, Prediabetes would not be an epidemic.  Currently , according to the CDC, there are 87 million people in the USA with prediabetes. 

The truth is, it is NOT YOUR FAULT...the cards are stacked against you.  You are busier today than ever before, you have more daily stress, you are bombarded with advertisements of processed foods every 5 minutes. In addition;  all processed foods are being manufactured with sugar added so we desire, crave and eat more of them than ever. 

Did you know sugar is more addicting than cocaine; 8 times more. Did you know that WILLPOWER is limited?  The combination of sugar addiction and an exhausted willpower means you have only so much times to resist cravings then, resistance becomes less and less effective and good choices becomes harder to make, until you cannot resist and give in.This is why you need support.

 Assembling a team to help you with your goal of reversing your Prediabetes is essential to effectively reverse Prediabetes.  We believe a health coach should be a part of this team. Most Pre-diabetes support team consist of your family, your doctor, a dietitian or nutritionist. However, A health coach can provide you with the emotional support needed during the initial scare of the diagnosis as well as along your journey to wellness which is often complicated.  We are creatures of habit and often find it difficult to break old habits for good.  Success and permanent  change; lifestyle change, often takes time and during this time we falter.  Health coaches provide motivation, encouragement and support to stay the course of wellness long term. 

You and your Health Coach will connect the dots from where you are now to your optimal health, adding in good choices, gradually and crowding out bad choices; bringing forth holistic, balanced, effective living. 

You and your health coach look at all areas of your life, discovering what areas are out of balance; self, relationships, work, diet, activity, then co-create a blueprint to re-balance those areas. Your health is not one dimensional, so your recovery plan should not be either.

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