I specialize in

helping people with Prediabetes overcome

Barriers to regain Health

and happiness

so that you can ENJOY success in GOOD HEALTH!


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Want to improve your health now?

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Health and Happiness...

Happiness is only temporary without Health.

Health and Happiness goes together like Money and Freedom, we all pursue happiness, but most of us take our health for granted.

What if ...you gain millions of dollars, meet and marry the person of your  dreams but don't have the health to enjoy the money or your relationship?


"Happiness is not just about money or a great relationship and Health is not just about the food on your plate." -nurse wave. 


I specialize in helping people with Prediabetes (individuals, families, solopreneurs)…to develop Self-Care habits so that they can enjoy success, longevity, health, and happiness.

Life fulfillment is only possible with balance from spiritual awareness,  a sense of purpose, a thriving career, healthy relationships, physical attractiveness, and good health.


Your health & happiness coach Nurse Wave.

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Health and Happiness in action!